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Irish Company Formation

Company formation and tax reg in Ireland. ICSA Qualified staff
Irish Company Formation

Ireland has a solid reputation as a quality corporate domicile, making the use of Irish registered companies very attractive for international tax planning purposes.  

Ireland's tax policy encourages economic growth and our 12.5% Irish corporate tax rate and economic policies have encouraged many corporations to set up their operations in Ireland.

Ireland has an excellent IT infrastructure.  Revenue generated by many technology companies in their jurisdictions can be booked by subsidiaries based in Ireland, even though these companies may have major sales and marketing operations in the countries where the sales are being made.   

The Irish Government has a 'Foreign Direct Investment' programme in operation. 

The popular corporate vehicle is the IRISH COMPANY LIMITED BY shares 

Irish Company Formation procedure (Irish Limited Company)

1.    Submission of Memorandum and Articles of Association. This underlines the intended business activity of the new Irish company

2.    Form A1. This is filed with the company Constitution and outlines the names of the first directors, company secretary and situation of the Registered Office.  

We scan the Form A1 and company Constitution to you. We require original signatures in order to submit the application for the incorporation of your new Irish company

Our comprehensive 3-5 DAY Irish company formation package costs €200.  This includes companies Limited by Guarantee.

We will complete your new Irish company's first Annual Return and email it to you when this is due to be filed at the Companies Registration Office. The first Annual Return (Form B1) is due 6 months after the company is incorporated. The second B1 is due to be filed at the Companies Registration Office eighteen months from the incorporation date. This second B1 needs to be filed with a set of accounts. The fiscal period on these accounts start from the incorporation date to a date not exceeding nine months of the ARR date (eg Accounts to 31/12/14 filed with B1 to 30/09/15)

An Irish registered company requires (at present) one director, a company secretary and an Irish registered office. At least one of the directors needs to be EU resident. If there are two directors, one can also be the company secretary. The company secretary can be a corporate body. The director(s) need to be individual(s). We can provide nominee director(s) and a company secretary if required. 

We can also refer you to an existing client (Irish Company) for your web/domain needs, at a discount.

The pack itself will include:

  • Corporate Folder
  • Irish Certificate of Incorporation
  • Inaugural Minute
  • Copy of the company's Constitution 
  • Audit Exemption Resolution

We can register your Irish company for corporation tax, assist you in applying for social security numbers (if necessary) and prepare your newly formed Irish company's bank account application forms. We can attend a bank meeting with you to apply for an account for your new company where a nominee is provided.

We also have pre-incorporated Irish Companies that have already been registered for corporation tax in Ireland. 

Please contact us for a complete cost breakdown at or call +353 86 070 4812 (anytime)

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