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Change of Company Details

Alter Memorandum and Articles of Association
Change of Company Details

Memorandum & Articles of Association are the company’s constitutional documents and are amended to reflect the agenda of the company.

The provisions contained in the Memorandum of Association prevail over any conflicting provisions contained in the Articles of Association.

There are five clauses:

The name clause

The object’s clause

The liability clause

The capital clause

The subscription clause

The company’s internal rules and regulations are contained in the Articles of Association. This binds a company with its members.

The Articles may be amended, subject to restrictions, by the passing of a special resolution by the members of the company.

The new Companies Bill has proposed that a one-document constitution, rather than a memorandum and articles of association. It has also proposed to abolish the objects clause, unless specifically required by the company

To Alter your companies Memorandum and Articles of Association, please provide us with the details and we will oversee the process for €100

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