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Irish Bank account for limited company formation

We liase with our bank to assist you in opening a bank account for your new Irish Company formation
Irish Bank account for limited company formation

Irish Bank Account Application

As Ireland is a full member of the European Union (EU), banking regulations for both resident and non-resident EU citizens are identical, so that even non-resident EU citizens may open an Irish bank account here for their Irish company formations.

We can assist you in opening a business bank account with an Irish bank on your behalf once your Irish company has been incorporated.

We will assist with the preparation of the Irish bank account documentation and present the application to the Irish bank for you.  It is better to open an Irish bank account in person, rather than by correspondence from abroad. But we can assist you in preparing the documentation for the application process.  

You must be aged at least 18 and provide two forms of identification (including one with a photograph, such as a passport) plus proof of residence in Ireland (e.g. a recent utility bill) if applicable. You will need to complete the banks due diligence questionnaire firstly.  This must be completed for all new Irish company Incorporations wishing to open an Irish bank account. We would also require a completed Irish Limited Company bank account application form.

As part of the Irish Bank’s due diligence, we would require:

Translated and certified utility bills and certified passport copies for the Irish company directors and shareholder/s.

Bills can be in the form of telephone/electricity/Bank statement/credit card statement, for example. These must be utility bills. They need to have been posted to the same address as on the  Irish Company Formation application form that is registered at the Irish Companies Registration Office, Dublin  

Credit rating is calculated differently in Ireland from other countries and you should supply as much information as possible about your financial status in your present country of residence.

Most banks offer non-resident savings accounts in which you can deposit money in virtually any major currency without incurring handling or administrative charges.

In addition to ordinary deposit accounts, you may have the option of a term deposit account (in which you must leave your money for an agreed term of up to 12 months) or guaranteed bonds (which are for cash deposits of between 18 and 78 months with a minimum deposit).


Occasionally banks come up with ‘special offers’ for non-residents like the Bank of Ireland’s Double Option account. To open a non-resident savings account, you’ll need to provide proof of identity or a reference from your current bank. Non-residents can have interest paid gross in Ireland, provided that the relevant statuary documentation has been completed. You may, however, have tax liabilities in your home country on income earned in Ireland.

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