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Notarisation and Apostile

Notarize & legalize corporate documents efficiently and at unbeatable value!
Notarisation and Apostile for Irish Company Formation

If you are going to use Irish documents or documents from an Irish company incorporation overseas, for business or personal reasons, you may be asked to have your documents Authenticated\Apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. You should therefore confirm with the authority to whom you are presenting the documents what their requirements are with regard to Authentication\Legalisation.

A notarized document is a copy of the document which is certified to be a true copy of the original and signed (notarized) by one who is a registered Notary Public. This notary public is usually an attorney a lawyer or a justice of the peace. 

An apostille to a document is the authentication, by a specially appointed Irish government official, of a copy of a public document which has been notarized as a true copy by a notary public in Ireland


The apostille is internationally accepted under a convention of The Hague. Not all countries of the world are members of The Hague but the majority of English speaking and European countries are members. 

We can arrange for your new Irish registered company registration documents that have been executed in Ireland, and which are to be Authenticated or Apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, to be Notarised by our Notary and presented to the Department at its Public Office Consular Section and forwarded then to you.

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